Welcome to my New Website!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

I am the Founder of Indigo Dragon. 

If you take the premise that your a SOUL having a human experience,  anything is possible in your life. 

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Here are just some examples:

  • Why does no one listen to me at work/home

  • Fearful of being who you truly are

  • People pleasing

  • I lost someone/my Pet years ago and I've not got over their loss

  • I've tried lots of self help and nothing has worked

  • Don't feel appreciated by others at work or home

  • I'm always so tired, so busy, I don't have  5 mins to myself most days

  • You have goals and dreams, but don't have the time to get them started

  • When I try to do something for me 'something ' always comes up

  • Using the phrase 'I'll do that tomorrow' instead of doing it now

  • My relationship is terrible with my partner, we may split up

  • Fearful of being on my own

My person journey began back in 2014 when I met with an NLP Master who was there to facilitate my Corporate journey as I excelled through the ranks. There were blocks which I worked through and it amazed me how fast the process worked! His NLP training was different to the other Corporate training that I've done in the past, so I wanted to know more. So I went and did some NLP Training and qualified to Master Level and did the NLP Hypnotherapy training too. It inspired me to facilitate others on their personal journey as it had helped with mine. Since 2014 I have explored other Psychological areas too and now have an array of qualifications and skills to help you on your journey. 

My Goal is to facilitate as many people as I can and help you to clear those blocks that you've tried to clear before. 

When our lives are out of balance, so is everything else in our lives.