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I am a provider of a variety of  Holistic Therapeutic Services with 

years of Training and certifications. I want to share my skills and passion with everyone. We all seek to be a better version of ourselves at some level/aspect in our lives. We all have personal obstacles that may distract us, help us procrastinate and overall, working on ourselves tends to be put on a back burner as we care for those around us, making 'them' a priority rather than ourselves. 

I am a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming, Reiki Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Colour Mirrors Teacher, Numerologist, Life Coach and Spiritual Advisor.

My Goal is for you to see and feel that pure lifeforce within you and help you to realize your full potential. 


When I was trained in NLP, I thought this process was fast to clear the blocks I had.

However, mixing my Skills with the Colour Mirrors system, made the process even faster!

Its what I call Turbo charged Therapy. 


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— Martine

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!  Sally thank you so much

Without getting in too much detail, this reading shocked me in the best way possible.

First my experience is that I felt drawn to the numbers on the chart in a way I cannot explain. It was a spontaneous process.

Second is that the entire reading accurately reflects what I have been feeling this past 3 weeks at 80 percent.

I need to soak it in a little more as the level of truth in what

I read shook me a little (positively).

I don't know how you do it but it is awesome.

Thank you Sally, this is just wonderful

That is absolutely amazing and so in tune with what I have been feeling but haven’t been able to explain thank you so much.


Sal this reading have given me some real comfort, thank you.


I would highly recommend.

— Sharon . H

Thank you so much for such a powerful reading!

Every time I was reading through each colour.

I was amazed as so much resonated with me.


 I am going to refer to this reading as it spoke so much truth. Especially the part about trusting myself and the money stuff too.


Thank you!!! 

— Yvonne

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